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Spect of Sherpa tripod Model Sherpa Tube.Dia. 22mm Folded Length 370mm Mini.Height 366.5mm Max.Height(without center column) 1151.5mm Max.Height 1513.5mm Weight 1073g Max.Load 8kg Sections 5-sec Monopod Max.Height 1569.5mm Monopod Weight 460g

Sherpa Max

Spect of Sherpa Max tripod Model Sherpa Max Tube.Dia. 28mm Folded Length 510mm Mini.Height 252mm Max.Height(without center column) 1451mm Max.Height 1750mm Weight 1715g Max.Load 12kg Sections 4-sec Monopod Max.Height 1848mm Monopod Weight 810g

Sherpa Plus

Spect of Sherpa Plus tripod Model Sherpa Plus Tube.Dia. 25mm Folded Length 470mm Mini.Height 242mm Max.Height(without center column) 1352mm Max.Height 1624mm Weight 1370g Max.Load 10kg Sections 4-sec Monopod Max.Height 1699mm Monopod Weight 635g

Sherpa Summit

Sherpa summit Model sherpa summit Max.Height 1747mm/68.77in Min. Height 249mm/9.80in Net weight 1.75kg/3.85lbs Folded length 510mm/20.07in Tube Dia 28mm/1.10in Max. Load 12kg/26.45lbs Sections 4 sec


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