TR-02C Light stand


The TR-02A and TR-02C are the next generation of light stands, equipped with an air pressure cushioning system to prevent accidental drops. The TR-02A, made of aluminum, weighs 1.09kg (2.4 lbs) and has a maximum height of 1780mm (70.1 inches). The TR-02C, constructed from carbon fiber, weighs only 0.99kg (2.2 lbs) and reaches a maximum height of 2080mm (81.9 inches). The top is equipped with a dedicated light connector, which can be unscrewed to convert into a 1/4″ universal interface. This allows the stand to easily transform into a tripod, suitable for connecting cameras, tripod heads and so on.


Product information

Net weight0.99kg(2.2 lbs)
Max. Load2KG(4.4 lbs)
MaterialCarbon fiber